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Wedge Gate Valves

We offer wedge gate valves with different options of wedges. Wedge is also called disc. Our range of wedge gate valves contains many variations in bonnet design and construction material. It is fabricated as per design standard API 600. It is available with 1” to 12” sizes. We also offer tailor made wedge-gate-valves as per requirements.

It is available with flanged end connection. It is also available with end connection options like screwed, socket weld and butt weld. It contains bolted bonnet. It is designed confirming ASME B 16.34.  

It is provided with bi-directional shut-off option. To offer valves for higher temperature we provide different options of construction material. Seat rings are either integral with body or seal welded. Extra protection seat ring is provided of replaceable kind.  

Wedge Gate Valves Manufacturer Wedge Gate Valves Wedge Gate Valves Supplier


As being one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of the optimum quality gate valves, we have designed solid wedge gate valves constructed according to ASME and API standards. We offer solid wedge gate valves with varied pressure and temperature ranges. 

It is a single piece design. It is suitable to entire kinds of fluids. It is used for unstable flow of liquid. It offers tight seal on closed position. It is available with flanged, screwed and welded end connections. It is designed as per ASME B 16.34.

Solid Wedge Gate Valves Solid Wedge Gate Valves Supplier Solid Wedge Gate Valve Manufacturer


Our series of flexible wedge gate valves are preferably used for high pressure industrial applications. It is provided to offer higher flexibility for the seat position with the flexible wedge. It is single piece wedge provided with specific design to get better result for flow control.

It is available with advanced design to provide tight shut off. It is designed with confirming ASME B 16.34. It is available with many choices of construction material. Brilliantly designed valve works with least maintenance. To resist erosion it is provided with hard faced seating.

It is available with size ranges from NB 5o to NB 900. We offer flexible wedge gate valves with pressure rating 150 to 2500. It is also available with various end connection options like socket weld and butt weld.

Flexible-Wedge-Gate-Valves Flexible-Wedge-Gate-Valves Flexible-Wedge-Gate-Valves


As being major manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high quality valves, we have designed dual disc wedge gate valves with enhanced capacity. It contains two-piece construction. It is highly demanded in Indian as well as in international market for several gas and fluids. It is also used for corrosive applications.

We provide standard design as well as tailor made design with economical prices. We provide so many constructive options for the bonnet, seat, seat rings, operation criteria and size.

It is design as per API 600 and pressure test confirming API 598. We offer stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel as body material. We also offer specific customization as per requirement.

We have developed such valve design to offer tight shut off along with safe and even operation. Our offered range of dual disc wedge gate valves provides longer service life with effective performance. Wear resistance series also offer low pressure drop. It is specially designed to operate at high temperature and high pressure and also offer quick shut off. For the specific working conditions, we offer large variations in size, part design and construction material for the body and other structural components.

Dual-Disc-Wedge-Gate-Valves Dual-Disc-Wedge-Gate-Valves
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